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Landscapes and Leaders Program

Contact Information

Contact: Louise Buck


Indigenous peoples and rural communities have developed, maintained, and adapted different types of ecoagriculture systems for centuries. In the years to come, the mainstreaming of ecoagriculture approaches will be dependent upon mobilizing local communities to become leaders in ecoagriculture. EcoAgriculture Partners is supporting local stakeholders in a number of regions considered to be ecoagriculture ‘hotspots’ – landscapes where conserving biodiversity, sustaining productivity and enhancing rural livelihoods are all regarded as high priorities. Through our Landscapes and Leaders Program, we work with these stakeholders to document practices, train practitioners, empower leaders, and help implement initiatives in the field. By connecting communities, landscapes, and partners, we are advancing integrated landscape management approaches on the ground. 

How we do it

  • Through our Landscape Measures Initiative, we have developed a framework to measure the social, economic, and ecological outcomes of landscape-scale management practices. We create innovative monitoring, evaluation, and decision support tools to guide practitioners and track their progress toward multiple goals. 
  • We provide planning and facilitation to:
  • improve the institutional capacity and effectiveness of multi-stakeholder platforms; and
  • strengthen the engagement of farmer and community organizations, and of women, in decision-making.
  • We document interventions and impacts.
  • We share knowledge and build practitioner capacity by:
  • developing curricula, and planning and conducting courses, classes and trainings on ecoagriculture, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and landscape facilitation for students and professional around the world; and 
  • compiling the tools and resources we have developed for practitioners into an easily accessible online guide - the Landscape Measurements Resources Center. 

Recent work

The Mbeya region, located in southwest Tanzania, is home to rich biodiversity. The land has a variety of productive uses, including livestock production in the drylands, irrigated rice near the rivers, small-scale maize in the hills, and fruit and plantation trees in the more humid, higher elevations, while large protected forested areas supply water to the region. But the area also faces imminent challenges for ecosystems, agricultural producers, and local communities that rely on natural resources. In March 2013, EcoAgriculture Partners co-led a workshop in Mbeya to promote integrated planning to address these challenges. Local leaders from diverse sectors in Mbeya came together to discuss technical and institutional innovations that could help to green agricultural development in this part of Tanzania’s southern highlands.

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