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A Landscape Perspective on Monitoring A Landscape Perspective on Monitoring & Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management
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Buck, Kozar, Recha, et al.

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Research Program

Contact Information

Contact: Christine Negra, PhD


In the 21st century, humans must increase food production and reduce poverty while protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem services that sustain human life. Our Research Program provides the information and insight we need to turn these challenges into opportunities, by identifying best practices and promoting smart strategies. 

What we research

  • We investigate specific ecoagriculture practices to better understand how rural landscapes can be managed to provide many different goods and services at the same time. By documenting innovations and performing empirical analysis, we build the evidence base for ecoagriculture. 
  • We analyze the integration of ecoagriculture objectives into national and international policy frameworks, and research on-the-ground initiatives to better understand the institutional arrangements and governance systems that support multi-stakeholder management. 
  • We evaluate promising market-based strategies that support ecoagriculture—such as eco-certification standards, payment for ecosystem services, and private sector initiatives—to advance and improve these approaches. 

How we do it

  • We work closely with partners around the world, including universities, research centers, local NGOs, companies, and communities, to deliver relevant knowledge. 
  • We perform “action research”—assisting local stakeholders in managing their resources more effectively while simultaneously generating new scientific knowledge. 
  • We pull together existing research at a regional and global scale to determine which approaches work best in specific contexts.  


  • We create syntheses, meta-analyses and thought pieces that inform and influence discourse and action on agriculture, conservation, and rural development. 
  • We publish our work in discussion papers, policy briefs, peer-reviewed journals, and online in our Publications section. 
  • Our research informs the work of the organization as a whole, providing the knowledge that other EcoAgriculture programs need to succeed.  
  • We raise awareness of ecoagriculture among diverse target audiences, including the general public. 
  • Practitioners, policy-makers, investors, and other stakeholders use this research to make informed decisions. 
  • Networking and knowledge-sharing with landscape researchers builds the international research community and mobilizes new research and research funding. 

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