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EcoAgriculture Partners is working with our collaborators in various landscapes around the world to collect video footage to help illustrate the complex interactions of agriculture production, biodiversity conservation efforts, and livelihood development in different places. This is an ongoing effort, and we will add videos to this page as they are developed.


United Nations' REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) Agenda-Setter

Produced by the London based Television Trust for the Environment ( and shown as a curtain raiser at the United Nations Secretary-Generals High Level Event on REDD held on September 23rd at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.



Photo Journal of EcoAgriculture Partners Lake Naivasha Conference, Kenya, August 2008

Produced by Generative Change Community. Photography, lighting, and video editing by Tim Thomas.


KENVO and the Kijabe, Kenya landscapes: An ecoagriculture approach

This case study highlights an ecoagriculture orientation to landscape assessment. This 9-minute video (produced by Jamie Herring) introduces the situation in the Kijabe landscape of Kenya as portrayed by the Kijabe Environmental Volunteers (KENVO).

Introduction to Ecoagriculture

Introduction to Ecoagriculture from HabitatSeven on Vimeo.

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