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Ecoagriculture Snapshots

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Ecoagriculture is practiced by hundreds – maybe hundreds of thousands – of rural communities worldwide. They might not call it ‘ecoagriculture,’ but most rural communities have innovative strategies for conserving and sustainably using the natural resources that sustain their livelihoods. They grow crops to feed their families and earn a living, and they rely on healthy ecosystems and the complex systems of biodiversity in their landscapes to do so. There is a vast amount of knowledge each of these communities holds that could be useful to other communities trying out ecoagriculture approaches and for development organizations looking for successful models, but they are often not recognized as innovators, and they are not well-connected. As a result, their knowledge has remained largely hidden.


The Ecoagriculture Snapshots series was created to spotlight the many examples of ecoagriculture that already exist to both raise awareness that ecoagriculture is indeed a viable development strategy and to help link the people and organizations who have been quietly working in isolation for so long, so that they may support each other and others to find sustainable solutions to produce agriculture, improve rural livelihoods, and conserve precious natural resources and biodiversity. 


We are actively looking for new Ecoagriculture Snapshots! If your community or organization would like to highlighted in this series, please contact Ariela Summit, EP program associate.  


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